25+ Year of Leadership

Twenty first century has been an era that has revolutionized every aspect of man's concept, and Balaji Post Press has proven to move its boundaries and evolve with an altogether new dimension of man with his machines. In Balaji Post Press, the power of machines is matched with the uniqueness of man's mind. It's a one stop destination for all printing and binding services delivered with utmost responsibility and perfection at its best. With 20 years of leadership in the industry,Balaji Post Press has set its footprints and continues to rise with its standard dummy text which has not only survived five centuries but also had took a giant leap into electronic typesetting.

Here, transformation has a name and a method, passion to optimize and give a new outlook, which completely shows in their service.

Their services ranging from the hardcover book, features all varieties of texture, cloth and leather cover, to perfect binding, which also involves unsewn binding and called adhesive binding gives a new arena to the publishing industry. Also, their ability to adapt and deliver section sewn binding, Wire-O-Binding, and loop stitching which is no less than an art where there is master binding without the requirement of drilling any hole, is highly appreciated.

Other services include, pur binding, with clean perfect edges, there is back to back binding, pads, rigid box which is specially designed to protect your expensive valuables. Also calendar rimming, print finishing, riveting, ring binder files, loose leaf finishing, folders and packing for finished goods are some of the fields in which the company excels with utmost dedication and willpower to customize products and give it a new meaning.

From your special occasion requirements to basic adjustments, Balaji Post Press ensures that you are fully equipped with beautiful outcomes of efficiency and hard work. They add value to ideas and present the business industry with organized layouts of portfolios , that are not only impressive but gives a picture of the dynamic printing and binding field. Balaji post press has started on to globalize and initiate ventures that have successfully been accepted. With their command over concept based transformation, and undying ability and capacity , they have set new goals and visions that are hard to compete with.

our Vision

To provide complete solution for book binding with world-class infrastructure and aiming to expand our reach to multiple cities

Our Mission

To attract and attain customers with high-valued products and services and the most satisfying finished product experience to end-users.